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Varanasi Travel Guide

Varanasi is a popular city of Uttar Pradesh In India. This city is known for its mythological (Hindu) significance and was previously known as Kashi. This city is settled on the banks of the River Ganges and known to be the ultimate place to get Moksha (Salvation). This city is a house of some of the ancient temples of the world as also known as the oldest cities in the globe and had witnessed some of the best and worst aspects of Indian society.

In Varanasi you will get to see unending temples and Ghats on the Ganges where people believe that taking bath in this river will was away all the sins and they will find the ultimate liberation or Mukti if they die in this city because of its holiness.


Varanasi, Source-:Flickr, Siva Subramanian Vasanth

Why Visit Varanasi?


  • Varanasi is a place of Holiness and it is said that people get their peace of mind after visiting this place. Visitors from all over the world visit Varanasi to explore the ancient Hindu temples among which the Kashi Vishwanath is the prominent one. It is also known as the Golden Temple of Lord Shiva and after visiting this temple do not forget to visit the KaalBhairava Temple which is also dedicated to Lord Shiva  known as the temple of the ‘God of Death’, people also visit here to save them from evil eyes.
  • You can visit the Jantar Mantar, The Ramnagar Fort which is known as the fort of the King of Kashi and it is located at the eastern side of the River Ganges. This fort can be seen in typical style of Mughal architecture and you can see broad balconies and open courtyard with beautiful pavilions.
  • Most importantly if you are at Varanasi hen do not miss to visit the various Ghats of the city as you will find the truth of life. Several important Ghats like the Dashawamedh Ghat where you can see the mesmerizing evening arati of River Ganges, Harishchandra Ghat where King Harish Chandra performed the last rites of his son while fighting for truth, ManikarnikaGhat, which is the largest cremation ground of the city and you will see numerous creations performed here.

Varanasi Tips and recommendations


  • If you are at Varanasi then goto taste the food of this place especially sweets like rabri, rasmalai, and launglatika. Also taste the staple food of this place which is paaani puri, banarasi dum aaloo and aaloo chaats.
  • In Varanasi you can fill up your bags with shopping with some of the world famous banrasi silk sarees, carpets and jewelry. Here you can also shop for various handicraft and embroidered clothes, incense sticks and perfumes.
  • But be sure and alert while roaming around the roads of Varanasi as there are numerous pick picketers and burglars all around and they will not leave a single chance to take away your hard earned money and also do not take any photographs as you visit the Manikarnika Ghat or any other cremations ghats.

Location Map of Varanasi

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