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Top Religious Places in Ooty

Ooty is spotted with various Religious Places to visit and love. Known as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ and for its peaceful environs, the religious spots in Ooty typifies the spiritual quietness and the symphonious balance of the natural composure of this impressive landscape that anybody will notice and experience amid their excursion in Ooty.

Here is the List Of Popular Place of Worship In Ooty

Annamalai Temple

Annamalai Murugan Temple, Ooty

Annamalai Murugan Temple, Source

The temple is located at a distance of 20 km from the Ooty and it is also known as Annamalai Temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. The temple is a great importance and religious significance of Muruga, known as the 7th hill house of the Lord. The temple also attracts large number of devotees during the Lord Murugan festival. People   offer their prayers to the Lord to either bless them or full their wishes.

Elk Hill Murugan Temple

Elk Hill Murugan Temple, Ooty

Elk Hill Murugan Temple, Source

Dedicated to the warrior god – Lord Murugan, the Murugan Temple in Ooty is a standout amongst the most famous temple in the town. Situated on Elk Hill one of the most picturesque hills in Ooty and it is surrounded by verdant. There are large no of devotees visit the premises in the month of January, for the famous Thaipusam festival, during the festival people carry brass vessels with them filled with milk, which is meant to be offered to the lord.

Mariamman Temple

Mariamman Temple, Ooty

Mariamman Temple, source

The temple is situated close to the market in Ooty, it is dedicated to Mariamman – the Hindu Goddess of rain. The temple represents to three powers – Itcha Shakti, Gnana Shakti and Kriya Shakti. Mari, Kali and Katteri represent to the three Shaktis in the temple. It is very rare to see every one of the three Shaktis present in a single temple. The temple is interesting as the Navgrahas in the temple are available with their consorts. Fans offer dark sari, supports and lights in the temple. Annadanam is another important offering made in the temple. Mother blesses devotees with good health. Prayers offered to childless couples.

Nasiyan jain Temple

Nasiyan jain Temple, Ooty

Nasiyan jain Temple, source -:

The temple is devoted to first Jain Tirthankar, Rishabhdev, situated on the Prithvi Raj Road. The temple was built the year 1864 and open for the public just in the year 1895. In this temple thousand of tourists come here not only to pray but as well as to explore the historical centers situated nearby the temple.

St. Stephen’s Church

St. Stephen’s Church, Ooty

St. Stephen’s Church, source -:

St Stephen’s Church has a captivating Gothic structure which still holds its Victorian feel. The whole structure is made of wood, its carvings and design brilliantly done. Attributable to the woodwork, it remains agreeably cool constantly. It is said that the wood was gained from Tipu Sultan’s castle in the provincial times in 1829, the year of its foundation. The development of St Stephen’s Church began on April 23, 1829, the birthday of King George IV, while it was exposed for open on Easter Sunday in 1831. The work of art that portrays The Last Supper is a noteworthy draw here, while the tricolored glass windows are alternate bait out and out.

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church, Ooty

Holy Trinity Church, source-

It is one of the oldest church in Ooty. At first it was utilized by Indian Christians as a position of love on Sundays and as a school amid weekdays. In 1858, it turned into a committed church. Gothic and Tudor in appearance, with heavenly recolored glass windows, unpredictably cut seats, plaques specifying the legions that went to administrations there, and a quiet burial ground, it is worth of a visit.

Kandal Cross

Kandal Cross in Ooty

Kandal Cross, source

It is a Roman Catholic Church – well known for making the wishes of people come true. That is the belief of the people is and is known for curing the evil, blessing the people and wishes coming true. Individuals light the flame in the church and wish something from the bottom of their heart, with the great hope of it coming true it’s a perfect pilgrim place where sacred prayers are always offered on Friday evening.

St. Theresa Church

St. Theresa Church, Ooty

St. Theresa Church, source -:

In 1934 the chapel of St. Joseph’s Industrial School served as the area church for the devoted of St. Theresa’s Parish. In 1935 it was bifurcated from St. Mary’s Parish, Ooty as a different area. The foundation stone for the present church was laid on fifteenth March 1964. On sixth June 1965 the present church was honored by Rt. Rev. Dr. A. Padiyara and redesigned in 1979.

Union Church

Union Church, Ooty

Union Church, Ooty

The Union Church in Ooty is a place of worship for outreaching devotees and it is situated inside a 155 year old legacy building. The Union Church was built in the nineteenth Century and takes after a run of the mill antiquated frontier architecture of design that marks it as a considerable, lofty and glorious site in Ooty. The Union Church is considered as one of the vital spiritual as well as traveler spots in Ooty that ought not to be missed. Being one of the most oldest church in the Nilgiris District, the Union Church attract a large visitors every year who visit and offer prayers for wishes to be fulfilled.

Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Church, Ooty

Sacred Heart Church, source-:

Sacred Heart Church in Ooty was built by reverend Fr. Foubert in the year 1897. The main fascination of the church – the chime towers – was developed simply after the First World War. The church gained the status of diocesan Cathedral simply after Ooty was ordered as a different ward on third of July 1955. In the year 1989, the church experienced an expansive remodel after the accident in which the top of the church had fallen. Sacred Heart Church is situated on the Havelock street in Bandishola, Ooty. In the city that is known for its picturesque pleasures, the Sacred Heart Church holds its very own appeal.

St. George’s Church

St. George’s Church, Ooty

St. George’s Church, Ooty

It is a great example of a typical Cantonment Church. It was built 1826 and was composed by Colonel J.T.Boileau. It is made of yellow ochre stucco with white dressings. The entrance of the church must be drawn closer through a little vestibule with specialties. The inside contains six Ionic sections that convey a marginally vaulted rooftop. These segments isolate the inside into a focal nave and side passageways. The chancel at the east end was modified to a more gothic style at a later date with a cut white sandstone screen, and the sacrificial table was advanced with marble trim work.

Thomas Church

Thomas Church, Ooty

Thomas Church, source -:

Ooty is incomplete without visiting a visit to the St. Thomas Church. A compelling view of the Ooty Lake can be located from the St. Thomas Church. The main fascination at St. Thomas Church is the dedication of St. Thomas. It gloats of being the tallest dedication in Ooty, with colossal pillar that is delegated by a cross. One can discover this pillar on the grave of William Patrick Adam, who was the legislative leader of Madras and passed away in Ooty in the year 1881.

Big Mosque

Big Mosque

Big Mosque, source

The Big Mosque, situated in Lower Bazaar in Ooty, is otherwise called the Wallajah Mosque and is all around set for being a sacrosanct and religious site for profound accomplishment for the whole Muslim people group living in Ooty, its surrounding areas and the Muslims from different parts of India and the globe also. The Big Mosque is gone to by large numbers of Muslim Devotees who throng here to offer their petitions and look for endowments or appeal to God for their desires to be conceded. The Mosque in Ooty is a religiously noteworthy journey site and is additionally considered as a standout amongst the most alluring holy places in South India.

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