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Top Museums in Ajmer

Ajmer is a spot brimming with Tourist Attractions. The extensive variety of Touring Destinations in Ajmer makes it a spot that is at least worth a visit. Discussing Tourist Attractions in Ajmer, the first places of interest are the Museums in Ajmer. Ajmer is loaded with mind blowing artifacts of a rich bygone era. In short, it may not be an exaggeration to say that the history and society of Ajmer discovers its best reflection through the exhibition halls of Ajmer.

Here is the List of Popular Historical Museums in Ajmer

  1. Mayo College & Museum

    Mayo College & Museum in Ajmer

    Mayo College & Museum, Source-:

    Mayo College was worked with an intent to give the Pioneers of the regal States with a training of British measures. Established by the sixth Earl of Mayo, who was the Viceroy of India from 1869 to 1872, the state-funded school was worked by British Raj to offer instruction to the Indian tip-top, especially the rulers and nobles of Rajputana. The gallery which is housed in Jhalawar House contains numerous collectibles and ordnance segment. Ensign of the school includes an outline outfitted by Mr. Lockwood Kipling, a previous Principal of the School of Arts, Lahore and father of Rudyard Kipling.
  2. Daulat Khana

    Daulat Khana Museum in Ajmer

    Daulat Khana, Source-:

    Also called Government Museums is a rich collection of Mughal and Rajput arsenal. This Rajputana Museum houses fine and delicate models of the area. The historical center was the living resident of the Mughal Emperors; Akbar and Jahangir amid their visits to the Dargah Sharif between 1613 to 1616. Surrounded by two thick dividers, the historical center contains a board set outside demonstrating that Sir Thomas Roe, the observed English envoy was initially gotten here by the Emperor. Hindu statues, which go back to the eighth century alongside a case of Rajput and Mughal protective layer are the noticeable shows of the exhibition hall. In the exhibition hall are additionally shown pre-noteworthy relics and cast of seals with pictographs which were found at Mohenjodaro in the Indus Valley.
  3. Ajmer Government Museum

    Ajmer Government Museum

    Ajmer Government Museum, Source-:

    The Ajmer Government Museum is situated on the Museum Road in the city of Ajmer. located inside the Akbar’s Palace, no other area would have been as befitting as this invigorated castle to house this special exhibition hall. The Ajmer Government Museum was set up in 1908 by the Archeological Survey of India and is currently under the Directorate of Archeology and Museums Department. One gets the chance to comprehend the rich history that has been preserved with most extreme consideration at the Ajmer Government Museum. The different displays that have been sorted as Archeology, Armory, Arts and Crafts and Pre-notable Excavated Materials have a forcing gathering of stone models, small-scale canvases, engravings, coins, weapons, arsenal, cannons, and antique things having a place with various hundreds of years.
  4. Archaeological Museum

    It was set up in 1949. Situated in the Dil-e-Aaram Gardens of Ajmer, the historical center is isolated into three segments. Containing an accumulation of models and some uncovered material of before civilizations, the exhibition hall highlights two ‘Yupa Pillars’. These are embellished with engravings from Barnala and additionally Pratihara figures of the eighth century and terracotta having a place with early recorded periods.
  5. Bharatpur Museum

    Bharatpur Museum is situated inside the Lohagarh Fort. Containing a combination of antiquated displays and archeological riches, the historical center building once served as the regulatory piece for the leaders of Bharatpur. As of now, the palatial building was known as ‘Kachahari Kalan’. In the year 1944, it was changed over to an exhibition hall. Inside the Art Gallery of the exhibition hall are housed tests of smaller than expected works of art that were once made on the leaves of mica, peepal tree, and old litho-papers. Inside the exhibition are additionally shown works of art of the Maharajas of Bharatpur. Inside the exhibition hall, vacationers can likewise see firearms and guns that were utilized amid the eighteenth century AD.

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