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Ranakpur Travel Guide

Ranakpur is a village situated in the state of Rajasthan in India. But in Ranakpur you can visit to many of the tourist spots which are known as one of the best tours which will be one of the best tours of Rajasthan. Ranakpur, is popularly known as the ‘ temple town of Rajasthan ‘ is gifted with lush greenery all around and attractive scenes that is enough to spellbind the spectator. Located on the majestic Aravali hills the Ranakpur look more glamorous with its marble temples which are more of Jain faiths. The city is considered a sacred place for the Jains and the temples of this village are said to have been built in 1439 AD.

Ranakpur Temple

Ranakpur Temple, Source-: Wiki,Christopher Walker

Why Visit Ranakpur?


  • In Ranakpur the main attraction is the Jain Temple which is named as Adinatha. This temple is the major tourist attraction of Ranakpur. The Adinatha temple is built over 40000sq feet of land, and known for brilliant architecture the through its intricate carvings and also for constructional beauty. The main deity here is Adinath. The temple is designed as chaumukha which means that is has four faces. The construction of the temple and quadrupled image symbolize the Tirthankaras conquest of the four cardinal directions and hence the cosmos.
  • There are numerous statues carved in this temple and all of the statues face one of the other statues. You can seea beautiful figure made out of a single marble rock where there are 108 heads of snakes and numerous tails and you cannot find the end of the tails as they are huge and tough to count.
  • The temple stands on 1444 pillars and the temple is a representative of various spiritual bodies and a sculpture which actually enhances the beauty of this temple and the specialty of these pillars are that all of them are differently carved and no pillar looks same with each other and you cannot count all of these pillars as there are countless. There are two huge bells that weigh 108 kgs each add more sparkle to the temple’s ambience.
  • By visiting Ranakpur you will get a good chance to see the Aravalli Hills and where you will get lost in the dense green backdrop of the mountain and find yourself on the lap of nature.

Ranakpur Tips and Recommendations


  • Entering this temple would require certain dress codes as women are required to not to wear anything which is above eh knees and they should not carry anything in leather. If any leather belts and purses are with you then you have to submit them to the temple premises.
  • Make sure to not to fall prey in any case where any devotee showing you something sacred and ask you for money or donation.
  • In Ranakpur you can go for Jeep Safari or horseback safari to view the beauty of the Ranakpur valley or you can also visit the nearby Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary where you can spot numerous mammals, reptiles and bird species.

Location Map OF Ranakpur

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