Popular Waterfalls in Kodaikanal

Popular Waterfalls in Kodaikanal

The waterfalls in Kodaikanal make for some of the most awesome sights of nature in Kodaikanal. A lot of families plan picnics to the waterfalls around Kodaikanal. In the climate permits, some of the waterfalls close Kodaikanal can also be used for dipping in the water. Many of these waterfalls are situated in the midst of the most pleasant scenes of nature in Kodaikanal.

List Of Top Waterfalls to Visit in Kodaikanal

Bear Shola Fall

Bear Shola Falls in Kodaikanal

Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal, Source -: Aruna/wiki

Situated around 3 km far from the Kodaikanal Bus Stand, Bear Shola Falls is a seasonal waterfall that goes to its full size amid the rainstorm. It lies at a distance of only 2 km from the mesmerizing Kodaikanal Lake. In Prior days bears used to come to this fall for drinking water in this way the fall has got its name as Bear Shola Falls. Bear Shola Falls has an inclining height and lies inside a forest reserve that is unhindered by human infringements. It is tranquil, quiet and a real heaven for the individuals who need to escape from concrete forest parks.

Pambar Falls

Pambar Falls in Kodaikanal

Pambar Falls, Source -: Marcus334/wiki

Situated in Kodaikanal, Pambar Falls make for an astonishing stopover for all tourists. With nature offering you pleasant view of a surrounding, this spot welcomes numerous photographers to encourage their experience. It’s fascinating to realize that Pambar Falls are otherwise called Liril falls; the name was taken from the well known Liril advertisement that was shot here in 1985.

Thalaiyar Falls

Thalaiyar Falls in Kodaikanal

Thalaiyar Fall, Source -: Marcus334/wiki

Thalaiyar Falls also called rat-tail falls situated in the palani slopes .it is one of the most elevated waterfalls in Tamil Nadu, The third most highest in the country. It appears over the valley as a long thin white portion of falling water on a foundation of dark rock bluff face that simply out of the foothills. The falls got the name of a Rat tail falls since it can be spotted as a silver line from a long distance on the way. It is possible for vacationers to leisurely walk along the wall of the falls and reaches the center point of the falls to appreciate them better.

Silver Cascade WaterFall

Silver Cascade WaterFall in Kodaikanal

Silver Cascade WaterFall, Source -: Aruna/wiki

Silver Cascade Falls is the prime fascination that greets the visitors to Kodaikanal on the Madurai – Kodai street, situated on the main Ghat road. Silver Cascade Falls is 8 kms before Kodaikanal as you approach Kodai from Kodai Road. Silver Cascade Falls, a photo perfect spot to explore in Kodaikanal was famous for its clean, pure and sparkling water once and bringing about the name Silver Falls. This waterfall is satisfying and empowering amid the storm when the water is in full stream. There are few shops that selling fruits and other forest product grew making this point a pit stop for travelers and tourists.

Fairy Falls

Fairy Falls in Kodaaikanal

Fairy Falls, Source -: M.arunprasad/wiki

Fairy Falls is a seasonal waterfall situated in the way of Pambar River. Water from the rain in the mountains collects in the community reservoir in the hills. The water which floods from the reservoir goes as the Pambar River which is really a major stream. The Fairy falls and stays dry for the vast majority of the year. Pixie Falls fall in full force amid rainstorm season as the heavy rains cause more water to overflow from the reservoir. This is a perfect picnic spot for the family where individuals can appreciate swimming too at the base of the falls.

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