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Popular Fairs & Festivals in Jodhpur

Jodhpur fairs and festival appear to express the rich society and conventions Rajasthan. However the most famous fairs are SheetlaMata Fair, Chamunda Mata Fair and Dashehra Fair at Massoria Hill celebrated in Jodhpur. However the most acclaimed Fairs and celebrations in Jodhpur, Rajasthan are. These Jodhpur, India fairs and celebrations are praised with incredible eagerness. Be it youthful youngsters or the old individuals, every one of them join in the grandeur and appear. They serve as a stage to perform nearby traditions that have been there since times immemorial. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are wanting to visit Jodhpur, attempt to come at such a period in order to encounter the mainstream fairs and celebrations here.

Here is the List of Famous Fairs & Festivals In Jodhpur

SheetlaMata Fair

SheetlaMata Fair in Jodhpur

SheetlaMata Fair, Pic credit :(

Sheetla Mata fair is organized at a place locally known as ‘Kaga’ in Jodhpur City. This fair to is held on Chaitra Badi 8 March-April every year. Nearly thirty thousand people assemble in this fair to pay homage to the image of Sheetla Mata.

Chamunda Mata Fair

Chamunda Mata Fair in Jodhpur

Chamunda Mata Fair, Pic credit :(

The Temple of Chamunda Mata is situated in Jodhpur Fort. Chamunda Mata is the family divinity of Rathors. A fair is held on Ashvina Sudi 9(September-October) consistently. More than 50,000 individuals, who love the goddess, assemble in the fair

Veerpuri Fair at Mandore.

Veerpuri Fair at Mandore

Veerpuri Fair at Mandore, Pic credit : (

A fair is held at Mandore, which is around 8 kms from Jodhpur city, in the memory of the legends of Rajasthan on the penultimate Monday of Shravana consistently. Offerings of money, coconuts and desserts are put before the icons of divinities Ganesh, Bhairon, Chamunda and Kankali. Around fifteen thousand persons of all groups assemble in this fair.

Dussehra Fair at Massoria Hill

Dussehra Fair at Massoria Hill

Dussehra Fair at Massoria Hill, Pic credit : (

The hillock has been created as a wonderful picnic spot. A fair is organized on Ashvina Sudi 10(September-October) consistently at a place near Masooria hillock known as ‘Rawan-ka Chabutra’ lacs of individuals assemble here on this event.

Baba-Ramdeo Ka Mela

Baba-Ramdeo Ka Mela in Jodhpur

Baba Ramdeo Ka Mela, PIc credit : (

This fair is held at Jodhpur City on Bhadrapad Sudi 2(August-September) at Massoria hillock, where the temple of Baba Ramdeo is located. Countless assemble on this event from different parts of the state. It is privately known as Massoria Baba Ka Mela.

Nau Sati Ka Mela

This fair is held at a place known as Ban Ganga in Bilara town. It happens on Chaitra Badi Amavasya (March April) consistently. It is held in the memory of nine ladies who got to be sati at this spot. More than 10,000 persons assemble in this fair normally to take a dip in the Ban Ganga River furthermore participate in singing and dancing.

Rata Bhakar Wala Ka Mela

This fair is held at a distance of 3 kms from town Balesar Satan in the honor of Saint Jalandharnath. It happens on Bhadrapad Sudi 2 (August-September) consistently. A large number of persons gather on this event.

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