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Panna National Park

Panna National Park is located in the Vindhyan Ranges and in the merging area of Panna and Chattarpur districts of the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. Panna was awarded the “Award of Excellence” by Tourism Department of India for its great maintenance and also for its great Tiger Reserve which ranks fifth in the state. Panna National Park is surrounded by dense Tropical and subtropical dry forests which will give you a feeling that you have really entered into a forest and you will have a great experience here as you can see a huge number of tigers in this forest. You can also see beautiful waterfalls and other natural beauties among sal and teak forests which are definitely a treat to the tourists and they can also enjoy among the various stretches of land which houses a good number of wild cats. The maintenance of this wildlife park is very well reserved and it is admired by not only the government officials but also by the tourist too.

Panna National Park in Madhya Pradesh

Panna National Park, Source-:Wiki, Koshyk

Why visit Panna National Park?

  • Along with Panna Tiger Reserve you can also have a good time watching the furious gharials and crocodiles in the Ken Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located near the Ken river, which flows through the sanctuary from south to north,. At this place you will love to see Gharial and Mugger, and other marine species and River Ken is known as one of the minimum polluted rivers being a tributary of Yamuna. Ken River Serves as one of the most important resources of the sanctuary and this place is really have bountiful of natural beauty which is spellbound. Ken Gharial sanctuary is also liked by by children very much.
  • You can visit this sanctuary to spot various mammals and wild life species like chital, chinkara, sambhar and sloth bear and birds and reptiles too. Being a tiger Reserve this place is a home to various kinds of wild cats such as leopards, tigers, also with wild dog, chital, chowsingha, nilgai, Indian Deer, and many other species.
  • You can also spot near about 200 species of birds such as white necked stork, bulbul, Asian Barbets, bar-headed goose, buntings, parrots, white eyes, sunbirds, coucals, cuckoos, honey Buzzard, pigeons, doves, King Vulture, Bar-headed Goose, Honey Buzzard, King Vulture and Blossom-headed Parakeet, Blossom-headed Parakeet, Paradise flycatcher, Slaty-headed Scimitar-babbler and many others.
  • Among the various reptiles you can spot Varieties of snakes, including the python and other reptiles.

Panna National Park Tips and Recommendations

  • While visiting the Panna Wildlife Sanctuary make sure to not to put perfumes or any scented oils on you as his may attract the honey bees and this should be dangerous.
  • If you are new to this park make sure to take guides and go into groups so that you do not lose and you also do not get directed to any restricted area.
  • Make sure to not to throw any stones to the animals and not to disturb them by making loud noise but walk peacefully.

Panna National Park Timing

Morning : 6:30 am – 10:30 pm
Evening : 2:30 am – 5:30 pm

Entry Tickets

For Indian Tourists : Rs 40/-
For Foreign Tourists : Rs 500/-

Location Map of Panna National Park

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