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Meghalaya is a north eastern state of India and known for its abundant natural attractiveness. Located on the hillocks of the United Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills, and the Garo Hills but it has been accumulated as the new districts of the state. This state was formed by the carving out of two districts of Assam. The very beautiful capital city of Shillong is a major hill station and there are several waterfalls are present around the city which is an added glamor that enhances the beauty of the state. The Shillong Peak which is also known as the “abode of the gods” is the highest peak in the entire state.The subtropical forests of Meghalaya Eco region embrace with lush green mountain forests and these forests are known for their biodiversity of rich flora and fauna.


Meghalaya, Source-:Flickr ,Vinay Chalageri

Why Visit Meghalaya?


  • In Meghalaya you can visit the Mawsmai Caves which is also known with another name of Krem Phyllut. This cave is located close to the Nohsngithiang Falls. The caves of Mawsmai are known for its huge halls and they just look like an auditorium. The cave is covered with rich darkness and you must carry a torchlight or any other kind of light so that you can find the beautiful appearances of this cave: You can see the beautiful interiors of the Mawsmai cave will become well brightenedas you can see the stalagmites, stalactites on the walls that more looks as reflecting infinite sparklers.
  • You can also visit The Umiam Lake where you can spend your adventurous hours as you can play several water sports complex with facilities of boating on paddle boats, rowboats, cruise-boats sailing boats, water-scooters and speedboats.
  • Meghalaya is a state where you will get to know about 500 limestone caves but you can spot the most popular and the deepest ones. You can visit the Krem Liat Prah is the longest cave and Synrang Pamiang which are counted among the longest and deepest ones. Scientists from all around the world visit this state to see these caves.
  • Among the various and beautiful waterfalls of this state you can see are the Elephant Falls, Weinea falls, Nohkalikai Falls, Langshiang Falls,Shadthum Falls, Bishop Falls, and Sweet Falls. If you are suffering from any health issues then you can definitely visit the hot springs at Jakrem near the Mawsynram caves that are believed to have healing and medicinal properties.

Meghalaya Tips and Recommendations


  • If you are a wildlife lover then you can visit the three major wildlife sanctuaries in this place such as Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary, the Siju Sanctuary and the Bhagmara Sanctuary. In these sanctuaries you can spot wild buffalo, wild boar, deer, rodents, mongoose, weasel, gaur, elephants, civets, as most importantly you can see a large variety of bats in these sanctuaries.
  • People who love to spot birds can also visit here as they can spot hill myna, magpie Robin, Great Indian Hornbill, Red Vented Bulbul and around 250 of butterflies are seen in these sanctuaries.

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