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Junagadh Travel Guide


Junagadh is a city located in the state of Gujarat in India. This city is settled in the foothills of the Girnar hills and beside the Arabian Sea and also known as the seventh largest city of the state.The literal meaning of the city ‘Junagadh’ means “Old Fort”. This city is also known with another name of “Sorath”, the name of the earlier Princely State of Junagadh. Junagadh city has two rivers flowing by its side such as Sonrakh and Kalwo. This city has many sources in form of Lakes and dams. Junagadh is such a city that houses many lakes such as Sudarshan Lake Narsinh Mehta Sarovar, Damodarji, and many others. You will also get to see many man made dams around such as Willingdon dam, Anandpur Dam and Hasnapur Dam, Apart from that ground water supply is very widely available in the city so wells are scattered all across the city. In this city you can also fill up shopping bags as this city has popular markets for gold and silver embroidery, copper and brass vessels and perfumery works. Junagarh is the land where you get to seethe wild Asiatic lions in the Gir National Park.

Tomb of Mahabat Khan

Tomb of Mahabat Khan,Source-:Wiki, Bernard Gagnon

Why visit Junagadh?


  • Junagadh is a city where you get to see the extensive view of the Girnar hills and its various spots which are considered as one of the best places on earth. On the hills you can see the five principal peaks and you have to climb around 8,000 steps. You can see various Jain temples, Bhimkund, Gaumukhi Ganga, Satpuda Patharchati, Bharatvan Bhairavjap Hanumandhara and Sheshavan,You can also see temples of Ambaji, Gorakhnath and Dattatreya.
  • You can visit the he Wild Museum where you can see various ancient coins, Persian Sanskrit inscriptions art furniture, stuffed animals, etc. Do not miss to visit the Science Museum which is considered the state’s first and the only private science museum and here you can see around 60 working science projects based on science facts along with a small aquarium with a garden restaurant that serves delicious Punjabi and south Indian cuisines
  • Do miss to visit the Uparkot Fort which is a unique place to see in this city.
  • In Junagadh you cannot miss the Gir National Park which is the home of the great Asiatic Lions. But apart from these lions you can more wildlife species such as Indian Leopards, Golden Jackals, Desert cats Jungle cats, Rusty-spotted cat Striped Hyenas,Porcupine, pangolin, Sloth bears, Indian Mongoose, Indian Palm Civets, Ratels, and Indian Cobras and many others. People who love to watch birds can also have a good time here as you can see Brown Fish Owl,Pygmy Woodpecker, Black-headed Oriole,Crested Hawk-eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, rare Bonelli’s Eagle, and many others

Junagadh Tips and Recommendations


  • You can eat a variety of street food in Junagadh such as Dahi Poori, Aaloopuri, Pani Puri and various other Gujarati delicacies which taste awesome.
  • In Junagadh you can buy various gold and silver embroidered sarees and dress materials and also can buy sweet tinned mango which are yummy.

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