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Famous cuisines of Ladakh

Every region has some delicious and famous cuisines. The taste of the dish verifies their region or traditional delicacies of that region. Ladakh has some famous cuisines which are cooked in different ways.

Here is a list of popular mouthwatering cuisines of Ladakh

  1. Momo:

    Famous cuisines of Ladakh

    Momos (Pic : Sistak/Flickr)

    This is a famous north east cuisine which everyone likes. It is stuffed with many thing like Minced vegetables, meat or cheese. You can eat steamed momo’s and fried momo’s with chili sauce or mayonnaise. In Ladakh momo’s are popularly known as ‘Kothey’ among local people.
  2. Thukpa:


    Thukpa Pic : (Sharada Prasad CS/Flickr)

    Thukpa is a Tibetan word which means ‘noodles’. Thukpa is prepared by mixing noodles with chicken or vegetables. In Ladakh, this soup is very popular and is also prepared in different varieties like boiled veggies and pieces of yak meat. This soup will warm you in winters.
  3. Thenthuk:


    Thenthuk PIc (

    It is also a noodle soup, prepared with wheat flour dough, mixed vegetables and pieces of yak meat or mutton. Noodles are mixed with big pieces of wheat flour dough. Due to its heavy filling, this soup generally served for lunch or dinner.
  4. Sku:


    Sku (Pic :

    It is a traditional Dish of Ladakh and daily meal of Ladakhis. It is traditional soup dish. Soft wheat dough is stuffed with meat and vegetable stew. This dish is also a kind of momo’s.
  5. Paba and Tangtur:

    Paba and Tangtur

    Paba and Tangtur (Pic

    Paba and Tangtur is very nutritious food of Ladakh. Paba is prepared by using peas and wheat. It is prepared with a mixture of roasted flours of wheat, barley, buckwheat, peas and Ladakhi black beans.
  6. Khambir:


    Khambir (Pic :

    Khambir is local bread in pan shape. This bread is made up of whole wheat and is oval in shape. It is mostly served in breakfast with butter tea / salt tea.
  7. Butter Tea:

    Butter Tea

    Butter Tea (Pic :

    This special tea is prepared by adding butter and salt to boiling milk. It is a local cuisine of Ladakh. This tea is taken in the colder areas of Leh and Ladakh.
  8. Chang:


    Chang (Pic :

    Chang is a local brew of Ladakh, made from fermenting miller with yeast in a traditional pot. This mildly intoxicating drink will keep you warm in the chilly weather.

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