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Chhindwara Travel Guide

Chhindwara is a town located in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. It is popular for being the house of the date palm trees. In ancient era Chhindwara was counted as a part of the Vidarbha kingdom. Earlier the rise of the Mauryas in the 4th century BC possibly the Nandas was the chief rulers of this place. The city was ruled by many dynasties such as the Nandas, Mauryas, Sungas, Vakatakas, the Kalachuris and the Gond rulers.Chhindwara is also known for its very flourishing industries of leather, zinc and other metallic ornaments so you can definitely shop for some very exclusive items from this place.



Why visit Chhindwara?


  • In Chhindwara you cannot miss the Devigarh Fort which is an ancient Fort built on the high hills of the city. This fort of Devi Garh was built by Gond King Jatav and the fort was known to be the capital of Gondwana dynasty till 18th century. The architecture of this fort is beautiful and quite equivalent to the Mughal architecture. This is actually a huge fort palace with beautiful buildings inside it. It is said that there was an underground passage was present in this fort which was connected Devgarh to Nagpur. You can also see a tank called “motitaka” and it is believed that the water of the tank never finishes.
  • You can also visit the Tamia hills where you can enjoy very beautiful natural sceneries as this area is surrounded with hills, dense and lush green forests, and beautiful Ghats and it is known for its beauty among the national and the international tourist from all over the world. The majestic Satpura mountain range covered with deep forests can be seen from this hill which is really marvelous and you must carry your camera to capture the beautiful views.
  • While you plan your visit to Chhindwara make sure to visit during the Gotmar Mela in Padhurna which is quite ninety seven kilometers away from the city. This fair is an absolute fun as you can see people throwing stones at each other and in the river of Jam. This is a kind of game which is played during the fair and thousands of people participate here, but as people are left with hard injuries the state government is banning the fair to be organized.
  • Do visit the Patalkot as from here you can get a spectacular view of the place and it is believed that Lord Shiva went to Patal from this place only.

Chhindwara Tips and Recommendations


  • While visiting Chhindwara make sure to visit the Kukdi-khapa and Lilahi waterfalls from where you can view a magnetic natural view which will be a great experience. This area is surrounded all over by mountains and in between this waterfall is a panoramic view. It is also an ideal place for picnic with your family and friends.
  • Among various temples you can visit the Neelkanthi, Hinglag Mata Mandir, Ram Mandir and the Sahaja Yoga ashram which is founded by Shri Shri Nirmala Devi who is founder of Sahaja Yoga.

Location Map Of Chhindwara

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