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Bijapur is a town located in the state of Karnataka in India. Bijapur is actually famous for being the home of several historical monuments and forts constructed by the dynasty of Adil Shah. This city has any monuments that are praised worldwide for their architectural beauty. In the late 13th century the city came under the power of the Khilji Sultanate in Delhi and in later 1347, the area was occupied by the Bahmani Sultanate of Gulbarga.Bijapur is the city of Sufis as in this city there was quite influence of Qutub uddin Aibak and Sufis are the people who spread the Islam religion in this city with great impact, and you can visit some of the monuments of the Sufi saints too in this place.

Bijapur in Kashmir

Bijapur, Source-:Flickr, Krishna Srivatsa

Why visit Bijapur?


  • Bijapur is a place with historical significance and for this reason, you will able to see various historical forts such as Jumma Masjid which is considered as the main mosque of the city. This mosque was built around 300 years back and in this mosque, you can see the inscriptions of Holy Quran on the walls written with real gold and you can see around 2250 players on it.
  • Next you can visit the Gold Gumbaz which is considered as the second largest dome and largest uncorroborated dome in the world. It is the mausoleum of Mohammed Adil Shah and of his entire family. Built in the year 1659on the top of the gumbaz you can find, the whispering gallery which is the key attraction of the place where a tick of watch can be heard from differing side of the dome over 200 feet away.
  • You can also visit the Ibrahim Rauza Mauseleum where you can see the tombs of Adil Shah and his wife. There are other tombs of his family are also found here. The beautiful architecture of this mausoleum is worth notice.
  • You can also see the Gagan Mahal, Asar Mahal and ANnad Mahal where King Adil Shah used to use as his court, relaxing area with queen and justice hall.
  • In Bijapur you can roam around the local market of the city and here you can also visit the Archeological Museum as you can see various interesting objects in this place. This place has several curious objects like writings, paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, and weapons etc., displayed. It is near GolGumbaz and is run by the Archaeological Survey.
  • You can also visit the Saath Kabar which leteral lymens the sixty graves often called as the ‘dark tourist spot’. Saat Kabardo not any beautiful or intricate architectural features like the GolGumbaz or Ibrahim Roza but there is a heart- wrenching story behind it as it said this is the place of the sixty graves of the wives of teh army chief Afzal Khan of Adil Shah dynasty. This heritage site tells the story of a obsessive army chief who killed his 63 wives dreading that they would remarry after his death.

Bijapur Tips and Recommendations


You can roam around the local markets and find various local goods from this market.

Location Map Of Bijapur

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