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Bellary Travel Guide

Bellary is a town in the state of Karnataka in India. Bellary is known as the historical city and at present known as the steel hub of South India too. Bellary was ruled by many dynasties and rulers and among them the Mauryas, Satavahanas, and Pallavas were main rulers and also by several other brief rulers like Cholas were also there to rule in Bellary. As Bellary is known for its high granite rocks as well as various historical monuments and forts, on the other hand it is also visited by thousands of tourists every year for various religious visits. Bellary is a place where you can visit to view rich flora and fauna through its parks and zoos.

Bellary Fort in Bellary

Bellary Fort, Source-:Flickr, Amit Rawat

Why Visit Bellary?


  • Bellary is primarily known for its historical monuments and forts and most important of them is the Bellary Fort which is considered as the most visited tourist spot of the city. Bellary Fort was built by Hanumappa Nayakaon top of the Ballari Gudda which is also known as the Fort Hill in the course of the Vijayanagar era. But, in 1769 Hyder Ali, occupied the district, and took control of the Fort from the Nayaka dynasty. The Bellary fort is made with two divisions such as the Upper Fort and the Lower Fort. The Upper fort is in a shape of a polygonal walled building on the meeting, of the building having a single entry, and has no space for any barracks. There is only one path up to the fort, which is a curving rocky path surrounded byseveral boulders.
  • You can also visit various zoos, parks, and gardens in Bellary as the city has decorated itself with lots of beautiful places for its tourist. You can visit the Bellary Zoo which is also a children’s park and you can spot various animals here such as Crocodiles, Indian Peafowl, Panther, Cobra, Python, Black Buck, Spotted Deer, Jackal, Boar and many others. More you can also visit the the Ballari and Kumbara rock hills where you can spot beautiful floral vegetation of pennata, ferruginea, catechu, chundra,nilotica, acacia and many others.You can also visit the Kaate gudda Park which is famous for its flocks of crows.
  • Bellary is also famous for its religious visits such as Durgamundi, Jamia Masjid and Khadirya Masjid, Hazrath Irshad Ali Baba (RA), HazrathIfran Ali Baba (RA), Hazarh Khadar Basaha Saheb (RA) and many others.

Bellary Tips and Recommendations


  • In Bellary you can spend some of your good time in shopping as there are many stores and things for which you can spend your money and they are worth it. This place is famous for its iron kitchen vessels, rich embroidery that is done with exquisite needle and mirror work and the local women are famous for their work.
  • You can have some of the local delicacies in Bellary such as Vogani Mirchi, Rasam Bonda, Mewa Ghevar, Banda Idli, Holigai, biryani and menu other dishes that are specially found in Bellary.

Location Map Of Bellary

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