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Aranmula Travel Guide

Aranmula is a temple village located in the state of Kerala in India. This village is situated on the banks of the holy river Pampa. Aranmula is known as a favorite destination of the Hindu pilgrims.Aranmula is also famous for the chief tourist attraction of Kerala which is ‘Vallam Kali’, or boat races.This village is a sacred site for the Hindus and houses the chief temple of Lord Parthasarathi who is another form of Lord Krishna . This village is also known for its beautiful ambience where you can see a good number of of temples and sacred orchards. The boat races are an integral part of the temple festival of this village. Aranmula is also known for its fertile swamps; rich flora and fauna and a peaceful and serene climate which makes this village a worth staying. Aranmula is an important example of the eco-region of the state of Kerala and you will love to roam around the villages beside the flowing rivers.

Aranmula Temple

Aranmula Temple, Source-:Wiki, Sudhirn

Why Visit Aranmula?

  • In Aranmula you can start your journey with the Parthasarathy Temple which is a major tourist destination of the state. The temple is settled on the banks of the river Pampa and dedicated to Lord Krishna. The idol of the temple is the image from the Mahabharata where Lord Krishna has become the charioteer of warrior Arjuna in Kurukshetra War. In this temple you can see some of the fine murals from the 18th century.
  • You can also visit the Pulikkunnumala Mahadeva Temple. The old temple is known to be the worship place of the pandavas.
  • You can also visit the village to see the annual snake boat race of the state celebrated mainly in Aranmula on the Pampa River. This boat festival attracts thousands of visitors also with national and international tourists. These are also known as the snake boats that take part in the boat races and these are considered as the transports of the Lord.
  • Aranmula is a village where you can see beautiful mural paintings. The themes are adopted from religious texts and figures are drawn after reciting invocations for creating the best look and adornment of figurines. The colors are made from herbal extracts, stones and soils, and even these murals are made out from the stem of a certain kind of grass and to see these paintings you can visit the Mural Art Gallery to the best views.
  • You can also visit the Aranmula palace which is a traditional palace of Kerala located in this village. This palace is believed to be over 200 years old. Aranmula palace which is also known as or Aranmula Kottaram built of wood with Kerala architecture and you can see beautiful interiors inside.

Aranmula Tips and recommendations

In this village you can taste some of the best Keralan cuisines and especially the fish items. The staple dish of this village is rice and sambar and also there are many small restaurants that will serve you with staple food of Kerala and you will have good time having them.

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