India Famous For


Indian is known as the land of multiple spices, culinary tradition and numerous aromas. This is one of the dream destination of foodies of the world. Given the subcontinent’s size and population, it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of different micro-cuisines to be found here, and each city is filled with restaurants that capture the best of its local cooking. From street food to well-established dining food, you will find a variety of options to eat in restaurants in India. Indian restaurants are ideal when you want to get the best dishes.

There is so much diversity in India, when you walk from one restaurant to another, you will notice that there is something uniquely different about each restaurant in terms of cuisine, professional services, and food prices. Many restaurants from India have earned national and even global fame for their innovative method of serving and delicious dishes. Restaurants in India offer food not only from all parts of the country but also from various parts of the world. Many restaurants in large cities offer French, English, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Chinese and Japanese food.

There are all sorts of restaurants in India: veg and non-veg, and typically catering to Indian businessman and middle-class families. The more expensive Indian restaurants, such as those in five-star hotels, can be very expensive by local standards but offer a rare chance to try top-notch classic Indian cooking and still at significantly cheaper prices than you’d pay back home- assuming you could find Indian food that good.