India Famous For


India is famed for its rich cultural history and heritage. When people think of India, ultimately palaces come to mind. Standing tall and proud, palaces of India are the living legends that stand testimony to a bygone era of indulgence, elegance, and romance.Most of the palaces are situated in Royal Rajasthan but other notable palaces in India are: Umaid Bhawan Palace (Rajasthan), Lake Palace (Mysore), Leh Palace (Leh), Jai Vilas Palace (Gwalior), Chowmahalla Palace (Hyderabad) etc.

The royal palaces of India truly represent the golden era in India. Replicating the legendary past of the kings and maharajas who once lived here, these palaces are the finest and unique example of sheer feat and creativity, reflecting an elegance of style that could only have been mastered over an era. Many palaces in India have now been converted into hotels that offer the royal luxury in a package. The cuisine, the traditional dress, the welcoming services, the furnishing, sports and everything have been maintained to match the royal taste. Live here to experience the same.

India is the land of erstwhile royalty, which is marked by the presence of numerous royal palaces in the country, which relive the glory and grandeur of the bygone era. After all, they’re a significant part of India’s rich history, and they’ve been featured in countless photos and documentaries. Hence it’s not surprising that these architectural marvels are high on people’s “must see” lists when travelling through India.

List of Famous Palaces in India