India Famous For


Indian monuments are popular worldwide for its beauty. They represent one of the most outstanding facets of the multi-faceted Indian culture. An architectural feat in itself, each monument of India is a remarkably splendid sample of unbelievable artistry, covering a sense of mystery, deception, and romance. India is a diverse country, having been ruled by different dynasties at the same time before being captured by foreign and then being colonized by the French, Portuguese and the British. This is precisely the reason why we find a beautiful amalgamation of cultures, religions, traditions and customs in these monuments in India. This is also the reason why India is home to some of the finest examples of architectural brilliance.

Ranging from the popular forts of ancient Rajas and Maharajas to extraordinarily sculpted temples and caves, the best monuments in India takes you to the journey of the bygone era. Be it the marvel in white marble, the spellbinding Taj Mahal, or the red stone splendor, the magnificence of temple art of Khujrao, Konark, Hampi, Gwalior Fort, Sanchi Stupa, there is evident the master craftsmanship and elegance that brings to the forefront the splendor of the bygone era.

These famous historical monuments in India are the only wealth of Indian tourism along with other world heritage sites and natural tourism places like wild parks and ancient temples of South India. There are few famous monuments that are damaged during wars between kingdoms and foreign invasion. Visiting these places today tells you a lot of history and the culture in the bygone age.