India Famous For


India is not just a place for different kinds of cultures, traditions and religions. There are many beautiful cities in India, which are famous for their poetic beauty. Home to over 1.2 billion people, India comprises 29 states, 7 union territories and almost 497 cities. India have some of the most incredible cities, which are world famous and attracts lots of tourists. This nation with different cultures, languages, religions and beliefs houses numerous excellent and extremely popular cities. Every city is unique in its own sense. Each of the city has been given a name as per its attractions. Some cities are known as the pilgrim cities of India, some as the tea cities of India and some as the spice cities. Walk through the lanes of these famous cities in India to find all the colours of the rainbow. These cities are not only loved by the Indians but have also received recognition all over the globe, with international tourists vying to visit them.

The cities in India can be characterised by their own renowned ethnicity and history. Each city can be distinguished in terms of culture, language, food and climate. Your trip would be incomplete if you don’t visit these wonderful cities of India. All the beautiful cities offer wide range of matchless culture, picturesque beauty, heritage sites and delicious cuisine etc. On the whole, you will surely fall in love with your visit to beautiful cities of India.