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Popular Historical Monuments of Lucknow

Lucknow – A city of Nawabs also known as Awadh, well known for its old history, where Mughal engineering way of life still alive in society, Lucknow has a large number of Monuments which was constructed in the Past. Here we listed some of the most famous monuments in Lucknow.

List of Most Visited Monuments in Lucknow

Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara in Lucknow

Bara Imambara, Pic credit :(Adeel Anwer/flickr)

Bara Imambara is a historical monument also called the Asafai Imambara considered as a part of the most popular landmark in Lucknow. Its unique structure of Mughals designing offers a spectacular view of Lucknow from the terrace. The development of this monument is go back to 1784 and is composed by Kifayat –Ullah who said to be a family of the modeler of Taj Mahal.

Tombs of Saadat Ali Khan and the Begum

Tombs of Saadat Ali Khan and the Begum in Lucknow

Tombs of Saadat Ali Khan and the Begum, Pic credit :(Khalid Ahmed/wiki)

The Tomb is one of the most popular and beautiful monuments in Lucknow located alongside the banks of the Gomti River. The Tombs of Sa’adat Ali Khan and the Begum is a twin mosque. These tombs epitomize the extremely rich and credible Avadh engineering designs. The most attractive feature of these tombs is the symmetrical shape of the domes joined by the rich stands. It is one of the exceptionally refined destinations to see the splendid architectural that are the quintessential example of symmetrical measures.

Lucknow Residency

British Residency in Lucknow

British Residency, Pic credit :(Antara Sarkar/wiki)

It is a National Monument and is one of the real destinations of the Revolt of 1857 and the memorable fight known as the Seige of Lucknow. The site was the home of the British Resident General which was raged amid the fight. The structure however in remains after the fight has still been preserved till date with the bullet grazed walls and is surrounded by garden which attract a large number of tourist crowd.

Shah Najaf Imambara

Shah Najaf Imambara in Lucknow

Shah Najaf Imambara, Pic credit :(neiljs/flickr)

There are numerous monuments in Lucknow among which the Shah Najaf Imambara, Lucknow involves an imperative spot for the Muslims of Lucknow and also the entire India. This brilliant bit of design is situated at a convenient location for the various purposes of travel. Shah Najaf is the title which was given to Maula Ali, the assumed child in law of Prophet Muhammad, who tried his sincerest endeavors to ensure the rising religion of Islam.

Kaiserbagh Palace

Kaiserbagh Palace in Lucknow

Kaiserbagh Palace, Pic credit :(Vanlal Tochhawng/flickr)

Kaiserbagh Palace is one of the popular monuments in Lucknow dedicated to the Wajid Ali Shah, the successor of Muhammad Ali. The Kaiserbagh Palace in Lucknow was worked somewhere around 1848 and 1850. The Nawab anticipated that the royal residence would be viewed as the eighth marvel of the world. The Kaiserbagh Palace, Lucknow is wonderful for its design splendor. Some bits of the royal residence have endured harms taking after the assault of the British in the year 1858. The royal residence consolidates ionic sections, railings, Moorish minarets, Hindu umbrellas, lights, and pediments. At the center  of the royal residence is the white stone structure named Baradari. At first, this structure was totally secured with silver.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid in Lucknow

Jama Masjid, Pic credit :(Ankitkumarsaxena/wiki)

Lucknow’s Jama Masjid is also known by the name Jami Masjid in Lucknow. This mosque holds a great deal of significance for the Muslims who run to this mosque on their religious occasions furthermore on each favorable event. Jama Masjid, Lucknow was developed in the year 1423 and the design of this mosque is just unbelievable. The design has a mix of the Hindu and Muslim craftsmanship that is essentially attractive. The mind boggling outline and example in the insides recounts the high class of engineering in those times.

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