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Famous Monuments in Shillong

Known as the "Scotland of the East" Shillong is popular for its veritable atmosphere, tall pine trees secured with whispering green leaves, exquisite waterfalls and beautiful picturesque excellence. The city gets its name from the " Leishyllong"- the God who is accepted to dwell on the Shillong crest. Shillong is additionally popular for the authentic Monuments in the nation. There are numerous old Monuments which were fundamentally worked around the year 1545 by Sher Shah Suri . These were worked at different times in history and have withstood wear and tear over hundreds of years to look as great as regardless they do today. Here we listed some of the famous monuments of Shillong.

List Of Top Historical Monuments In Shillong

Don Bosco Square

Don Bosco Square in Shillong

Don Bosco Square, Pic credit : (

It is a Piece of Stands out right in the centre of this territory. There is an exquisite status of Don Bosco up high a platform arranged at the centre of the square. This square influences Don Bosco Center for Ingenious Culture. This centre library contains 17 exhibitions with social ancient rarities and behaviors research on these societies all through its particular of 10,000 volumes which is likewise a study community for some courses.


Motphran in Shillong

Motphran, Pic credit : (

Motphran is also known as “Stone of France” built in the memory of 26th Khasi Labour corps who served in France under the British during world war 1. This place is also a hub for the market.

U Kaiang Nangbah

U Kaiang Nangbah in  Shillong

U Kaiang Nangbah, PIc credit : (

It is situated in the bank of Syntu Ksiar in Jaintia Hill District Meghalaya. This hollow tower like structure is reflects Jaintia design which was worked by the Jaintia tribe to pay tribute to Ukiang Nangbah.

Seng Khasi Hall

Seng Khasi Hall is situated in Mawkhar, Shillong. It was framed by Seng Khasi, Which is a get together of the Khasi people group. This lobby was established in 1899 by an advisory group of sixteen individuals in 899. The Khasi’s celebrate the Annual thanksgiving festival in this lobby with specific traditions and customs.

Shillong Centenary Monument

Shillong Centenary Monument in Shillong

Shillong Centenary Monument, Pic credit : (

The Shillong Centenary Monuments was worked as parts of Shillong’s Centenary festivals. It is a perfect triangle of rich stone monuments and substantial aluminum – globe with a bolt directing towards the sky. This landmark helps the general population to remember Shillong of the town’s move from seat of Colonial grandness to that of a clamoring capital of developing new State.

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